Don't compromise on your family's safety

Crimestoppers_SpecificationWhen you want the ultimate in security, demand Crimsafe® from Monaro Screens. Crimsafe’s stainless steel mesh far exceeds Australian standards. When you’re not prepared to compromise, Crimsafe is the solution. If it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not crim safe. For full specs & prices, contact the Crimsafe specialists here now.

Standard Crimsafe

Ultimate Crimsafe

Crimsafe Ultimate is designed to include all Crimsafe’s core features:

  • Screw-ClampTM technology: clamped and screwed to resist powerful impacts
  • Tensile-Tuff® mesh: 0.9mm 304 structural grade high tensile woven stainless steel
  • Tamper Resistant Screws: not able to be removed with readily available tools

With Extra Strength and Extra benefits

  • 40% stronger than regular Crimsafe
  • Up to 7 times stronger than the singular impact level required by the Australian Standard
  • Clip-on cover that adds an extra layer of security as well as concealing the fasteners
  • Greater design flexibility in securing large openings
  • Sleek styling

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Unique clip-on cover

The revolutionary clip-on cover creates a concealed chamber within the frame which enables the Crimsafe Ultimate system to withstand 3,000 hours in the saltwater spray test.

This is the equivalent to 30 years exposure to the elements.
The industry standard is only 1,000 hours.

The Tensile-Tuff® mesh is able to withstand 10,000 hours in the salt spray test

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The Ultimate in strength

Crimsafe Ultimate performs at the same level as Crimsafe Heavy Duty, resisting impact levels of up to 700 joules.

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The Ultimate in Design Flexibility

Crimsafe Ultimate brings a new level of security, comfort and style to your home or office.
You can secure almost any opening with Crimsafe Ultimate – it is so strong it can span wider and higher openings without compromising its structural integrity – allowing you to open up your home to the great outdoors. Examples include:

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Fixed windows
  • Awning windows
  • Casement windows
  • Louvre windows
  • Alfresco areas
  • Bi-fold doors and windows

It is also mosquito and fly resistant.

Energy efficient

Crimsafe is WERS rated to 3 Stars cooling and 1.5 stars heating in a number of window applications to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Master Licence No. 17501973